Children's Dentistry

At Viva Dental, our goal is to promote and provide exceptional oral health and hygiene to children of all ages! We are passionate in fostering a positive mindset towards the dentist and the dental clinic.

We take the time to educate children and their parents on proper oral hygiene habits that can be used for the rest of their lives.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

According to the Canadian Dental Association, children should have their first dental appointment 6 months after their first tooth erupts. This is typically around the age of 1.

This first visit gives the dentist an opportunity to assess development of your child’s teeth and mouth, help familiarize your child with the dental chair, and to answer any questions the parents may have regarding their children’s oral health.

  • Oral hygiene routine
  • Amount of toothpaste to use
  • Assessment of sugar in diet
  • Assessment of habits (such as thumb sucking or soother use)
  • Bedtime and bottle routine


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • When should my child first use toothpaste and how much do I really use?
    At what age should I start bringing my child to a dentist?
    What should I do if my child had an accident and lost a tooth or its fragment?